Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kalinga Gold Coffee

Organically grown at the ideal altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet, Kalinga Gold is a blend of the Arabica bean, known for its heady aroma and intense flavor, the Robusta bean for additional richness, and the Excelsa bean for a twist of complex flavor.

Kalinga Gold coffee was first introduced by Spanish Conquistadores between 1873 and 1881 to the tribes of the Cordillera Mountains in Northern Philippines. The entire crop of organically grown coffee was then shipped to Spain and sold for fabulously high prices, with preciously little trickling back to Manila's ruling class. Only today, more than a century later, is the same coffee available, and in limited quantities!

Kalinga Gold prospered in the Cordillera under the leadership of an Igorot chieftain named Commising. Commising secured his influence and power by defending his people from the head-hunting Busoles of the North. Today, this same coffee is harvested in limited quantities by Commising's descendants -- the indigenous peoples of Kalinga and the Cordillera Mountains.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long Live Fernando Poe Jr. - "Da King" of Philippine Movies

Ronald Allan Kelley Poe or Fernando Poe Jr. (August 20, 1939 – December 14, 2004), better known as FPJ, "Da King" of Filipino movies ruled the Philippine box office for thirty years. He almost won the Philippine presidency in 2004 by sheer crowd-drawing power.

He rose to fame with the movie "Low Waist Gang" in 1956, a movie so popular low-waist pants became a Philippine fad. The 1958 sequel "Lo’ Waist Gang at Og sa Mindoro" was recently re-released and quietly sold to hit the Kabayan November 2008 Top 10 Movies at number 7. Two other re-released FPJ movies, "Kapag Lumaban Ang Api" ( 1986 ) and "Daang Hari" ( 1984 ) were at numbers 9 and 10, respectively.

Years after his death, FPJ is still a crowd favorite. FPJ made over 200 movies in his lifetime, including the Panday series, "Kahit Kaunting Patingin" with megastar Sharon Cuneta, and his last movie "Pakners" with 9 balls billiards champion Efren "Bata" Reyes.

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Kabayan Top 10
November 2008
  1. Dyesebel
  2. For The First Time
  3. A Very Special Love
  4. Kambyo
  5. Maging Sino Ka Man
  6. Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
  7. Lo Waist Gang At Og Sa Mindoro
  8. Himala
  9. Kapag Lumaban Ang Api
  10. Daanghari

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kuya Caz Goes to Disneyland!

Happy Birthday Kuya Caz!

Happy Birthday KabayanCentral.com!

Proudly delivering Philippine products worldwide since December 1997. KabayanCentral.com is the first and most trusted Internet Filipino store, bringing the best Tagalog Movies, Filipino Music and Philippine products to customers worldwide.

From the most difficult-to-find vintage movies of the 1930s to the latest movie blockbusters to e-Load for Philippine cellphones to the music of the best Philippine rock bands and the finest Philippine coffee and the phenomenal Belo Essentials beauty products. KabayanCentral.com brings the best of the Philippines closer to everyone in the Kabayan World.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sending Gifts to the Philippines this Holiday Season is as Easy as 1-2-3

Hello all!

It is ingrained in the psyche of most if not all Filipinos living abroad to send gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. It's a way of saying, "wish you were here with us", or "here's some of the fruits of our labor", and simply sharing God's blessings with those back home.

The conventional way of sending gifts is by shipping care packages, called "balikbayan" (homeland returnee) boxes. The items are carefully selected and often times labeled for each recipient, then packed in shipping boxes. A truly labor of love. However, it can be taxing and time consuming. Delivery may take sometime and shipping cost adds more expense. But in today's global commerce technology, all of these hassles can be avoided through the help of online shopping sites.

Knowing Where to Find a Reliable Online Shopping Site---KabayanCentral introduces the simplest way of sending holiday presents to the Philippines. They are especially dedicated to sending gifts to the Philippines from any part of the world. As an online shopping site, KabayanCentral also introduces wide selection of items such as Philippine foods, beauty products, educational and documentary videos, books, Philippine music CDs, and movies. You can also send cellular telephone "load" to the recipients in the Philippines anytime. Any of these items can be sent without the need to wait for days or weeks. Through online shopping, these gifts can be sent instantaneously.

It will be easier now for Filipinos abroad to send their gifts on any occasion without experiencing any more delay. This is a good idea not just during Christmas season but also in birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, or any other special occasions.

The Convenience of Sending Gifts to the Philippines---Shopping at KabayanCentral is very convenient. The customer simply needs to follow simple methods of purchasing these gift items. For example, sending load to relatives in the Philippines can now be done in a few seconds. You are now freed of the problems in communicating with your love ones. You can also send them your favorite OPM songs and classic movies. These can be given as surprise gifts. Customers will only browse the list and then choose the products they want. After this, they will be asked to verify the necessary information for the shipment. To ensure the safety of the consumers, the site is using up to date encryption of information. Consumers are also given several options as their mode of payment.

Trusting the Service Offered by the first Filipino E-commerce Site---With its years of existence as a filipino e-commerce site, they have already gained the trust of so many clients locally and as well as from around the globe. Filipinos abroad can feel certain that they can get the gifts they would want to give. It is simply because a Filipino knows what his fellow Filipino wants as a gift. Of course, the ultimate goal of KabayanCentral is to give the internet users all over the world with fast, dependable, and cost-efficient services and products.

Sending gifts to the Philippines through online shopping provides better service than purchasing the gifts from a local gift shop because of the kind of convenience and value it gives. With this case, only few things have to be remembered by the consumers. They must ensure that the online shopping site they chose is a trusted one. Through this, consumers will be assured that they are getting the finest products at reasonable prices.

So, simplify your gift-giving tasks. Avoid the hassle of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, big-box superstores, and discount warehouses during the holidays. Simply log onto the Internet now to have their gifts delivered anywhere in the Philippines.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fine Philippine Premium Cigars

The world knows about Cuban cigars but outside of the cigar connoisseur circles, hardly anyone knows that the Philippines produces equally fine premium cigars. One big advantage, at least for cigar lovers living in the United States, is that you can legally buy Philippine cigars online!

La Flor de la Isabela Cigars

Excellence in handmade cigars since 1881. Each cigar is painstakingly aged & every brand is expertly blended by our Master Blender to achieve the best cigar quality and consistency.
Don Juan Urquijo Rated as excellent (scale: 88) by Cigar Aficionado Magazine and described as "An easygoing cigar that will please those who like light cigars" by Smoke Magazine. Don Juan Urquijo is La Flor de La Isabela's newest brand and most premium blend. Filler from the Dominican Republic and Brazil, combined with a Philippine binder and Connecticut wrapper create a medium-mild aroma with a smooth creamy, and sweet taste. This brand has been noted by some connoisseurs as "the perfect morning cigar."
Tabacalera Tabacalera is the Philippines' oldest and most popular brand. This is the flagship brand of La Flor de La Isabela. Tabacalera is credited as the brand that made Philippine cigars world-famous, and represents close to three hundred years of cigar production. Tabacalera is noted for its mild, sweet, and very slightly spicy taste that has for so many years defined the "Manila Cigar."
1881 The 1881 blend was created in 1981 in celebration of La Flor de La Isabela's centennial. Today, the "Traditional" vitola or cigar size, is the Philippines' top-selling cigar; and incidentally, the overwhelming favorite among the employees of La Flor de La Isabela. This cigar combines some of the finest Philippine filler with some Brazilian tobacco for added robustness. This is a light and yet a spicy cigar that is very actively growing in popularity.
Alhambra The Alhambra blend is the mildest among the La Flor de La Isabela line of premium quality cigars. It is noted for its light, sweet, and clean taste. Alhambra has its roots as a Swiss company founded in Manila's port area in 1898. For many years the Alhambra brand provided Tabacalera with a close but friendly competition. The Alhambra name continues to enjoy an avid following in Switzerland and Germany.
Humidors & Narra Boxes: Classy Gift Idea Cigars in gift humidor and narra boxes make elegant gifts. They look so gorgeous, even non-smokers will love them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home-grown Philippine Bands: Still Making Waves

It was in the 1990's when home-grown bands emerged in the forefront of the Philippine music scene, gaining unprecedented support from Filipino music afficionados. Groups such as Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Wolfgang, Fatal Posporos, Keltscross, Color it Red, Sugar Hiccup, and Put3ska to name a few have found steady and strong following among the locals. This is evidenced by the flourishing number of venues for live gigs such as Club Dredd and Mayric’s. The new crop of music fans have shaken the traditional mindset of the older generations whose taste in music favored bands from other countries.

Perhaps the Philippine music band has finally gained its due respect and appreciation. Their music evokes real and contemporary Filipino experience that makes it easy to embrace.

For a time the music scene was engulfed by international artists at the turn of the millennium. The advent of foreign boy bands with clear skins and shrill melodies and girl groups with matching sexually provocative outfits and coordinated names have reigned over music channels, radio airwaves, record stores, and, tragically the Filipino youths' imagination. Soon the boy bands broke up, the girl bands grew older and fatter, and the fad faced a natural demise as the Filipino listeners' taste evolved, craving for real music closer to their reality. Timely as well, were musicians who have stepped beyond the ordinary and became daring in their creativity.

By 2003, sales of music CD made by local artists have outsold those of foreign artists by 2-to-1. For the first time, local music talents and artists have wrestled the Filipino music fans attention from the allure of foreign music. The success of Filipino music is also evidenced by the flood of the airwaves, their adoptation into soundtracks for movies, computer games, TV series, commercials and sporting events. Local artists and their music are continuously featured in music channels here and abroad. Many have won prestigious international music awards and competitions. Many have been featured in international magazines as well. Truly, Filipino Music is accepted and widely supported at home and across the oceans.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christmas Starts in September in the Philippines!

Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas season like no other people in the world! Radio stations start playing Christmas carols, albeit sparingly, as early as September. Along with traditional English Christmas carols, Philippine songs of "Maligayang Pasko", "Ang Pasko ay Sumapit", and "Mano Po Ninong" fill the airwaves and shopping malls! You can have them too in your home. Buy your Christmas music CDs now!

Christmas decorations begin to appear. The traditional "parol" or Christmas lantern is typically the central adornment of the home facade. Twinkling lights are always a favorite. Even Christmas trees are put up for the season in this tropical country. Christmas carols play until the Feast of Three Kings Day ( first Sunday of January) and the decorations stay even longer, sometimes up to February.

So how do Filipinos really celebrate Christmas? Here's a typical timetable of events:


Play Filipino Christmas songs
Decorate homes and offices with Christmas lights, lanterns.

Prepare for Christmas parties.
Begin spending 13th month pay by going Christmas shopping

Go caroling or serenade neighbors, friends and benefactors with Christmas carols to spread holiday cheers.
Reward carolers with cash and/or snacks.

December 16
Attend "Simbang Gabi" (translates to evening mass), which is a daily Mass for nine days, held at dawn, beginning December 16.
After service, treat your family to a breakfast of puto bumbong (sticky rice steamed inside a "bumbong," or small bamboo tube), "bibingka" (rice cake with salted eggs and fresh coconut meat) and "suman" (steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves) outside the church. Wash them down by drinking steaming “salabat” (ginger brew), tsokolate ( native chocolate drink) or coffee.
Celebrate with numerous Christmas parties and start your gift-giving.

December 24
In the rural provinces, watch the "Panunuluyan" in the town plaza on Christmas Eve. This is a re-enactment of Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem to portrays the difficulty they encountered along the way and the joyous birth of Jesus Christ.
Attend midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Nowadays, several masses are held on Christmas Eve to accommodate everyone, but the most attended is the last mass before midnight.
Gather with friends and relatives for "Noche Buena" at midnight, and feast on “jamon” ( ham ), “quezo de bola” ( quedam cheese ball ), bibingka ( rice cake ) and sopas ( soup, normally with macaroni noodles ) and pandesal (soft bread) or “tasty” ( sliced bread ) This festive meal is followed by the exchange of gifts.

December 25
Arrange to visit family and friends on Christmas Day. Eat “Noche Buena” leftovers. Exchange more gifts.

December 28
Tease your friends by trying to borrow money and playing pranks on December 28, the “Ninos Inocentes” or Feast of the Innocent’s Day.

December 31
Buy round fruits and dress in clothes with lots of circles (circles to represent money) and carry some cash on New Year’s Eve to bring riches in the coming year.
Just before midnight, make lots of noise to drive away the bad luck and the Old Year, and light “lusis” (sparklers), “kwitis” (fireworks) and “rebentador” (firecrackers, mini-bombs) to welcome good luck and the New Year.

January 1
Gather again with friends and relatives for "Noche Buena" after midnight to feast on a “lechon” ( roast pig ), “lechon manok” (roast chicken) and other delicacies. This sumptious first meal will hopefully bring more good meals throughout the New Year.
Drink and be merry the rest of the night.
Feast of the Three Kings
Attend mass. The holiday season officially draws to a close on the Feast of the Three Kings on the first Sunday of January.
Take down those Christmas decorations and start counting: 350 or so days till the next Christmas…

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Your Online Shopping Concierge!


My name is Casimiro dela Cruz, Kuya Caz as my close friends call me. In the Tagalog language, "Kuya" is a term of respect given to an older wiser male sibling. "Caz" is my cool nickname as all Filipinos have one.

I am your concierge for the very first Philippine-themed and Philippine-based webstore, the most extensive source of Filipino items in the Net and Winner of The DigitalFilipino 2008 Award for the Auction / Shopping Portal Category ------ KabayanCentral.com.

This e-store brings secure online shopping to the homes of millions of Filipinos in Cyberspace.
With their secure server, digitally certified by Geotrust, powered by servers co-located in a fortified data center, they process and clear your transactions in the most secure way possible. They have taken every opportunity to give you the safest means to do your online shopping, so that wherever you are, you can still buy goods and products that are proudly made in the Philippines!

As envisioned by the founders of this e-store, this site aims to serve the need of expatriate Filipinos who long to enjoy the goods and products from the beloved homeland that are not available in their local store or mall. A huge majority of loyal customers live in North America and Europe. As Filipino diaspora has spread to all corners of the globe, orders originate from as far as Timbuktu! The e-store showcases books, music and video that are made in the Philippines and about the Philippines. Shopping can also be a cultural adventure. You will also learn amusing facts and facets of Philippine culture as you browse through the store.

You will find the finest selection of Philippine books from the most respected names in the Philippine print industry.

You will find Original Pilipino Music online, from the sweet and serene to the wacky and tacky.

You will find the best Filipino movie titles as soon as they are released in Manila!

KabayanCentral.com is the one-stop website where you can find products that we call Proudly Made in the Philippines.

Check back periodically and check back often. You'll learn about the latest releases in Philippine Music CDs and videos. You'll be up to date on all the happenings back home like you never left!

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