Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Focus on Filipino Film - Gulong (Wheel)

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Gulong is a story about friendship, family, love and doing the right thing.

At its center is Apao (Steven Fermo), a kindhearted boy who constantly puts others before himself.

When school lets out, Apao and his cousin Momoy (Jopet Concordia) search for ways to make money in order to buy a second hand bicycle from an old lady whom they know only as Tita Maggie (Barbara Perez).

Unfortunately, they tend to lose the money almost as soon as they make it because of their readiness to help others in need.

Little do they know that they have started a series of events that will make a sizeable impact on their lives and on the community around them.

This charming film was greeted with critical acclaim during its July 2007 premiere and has since gone on to attract the attention of the international film community.

It was selected as a nominee for Best Children's Feature Film at the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Australia.

Sockie Fernandez

Steven Fermo
Jopet Concordia
Barbara Perez
Robert Arevalo
Gary Valenciano
Gardo Versoza

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james anderson said...

Gulong" sounds like a heartwarming film that delves into themes of friendship, family, and altruism. The storyline seems captivating, and the cast promising. Excited to explore Filipino cinema through this gem!
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