Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top Kapuso Talents

The top Kapuso stars who continue to lead the pack and leave others to follow in their footsteps.

Dingdong Dantes
His name is most recognized for his roles as the iconic tall and heroic male lead star in both movies and TV shows. But who would have imagined he could evolve into such a star from a teen idol of a bubblegum Saturday afternoon series? We have watched Dingdong Dantes grow into a certifiable actor with a sexy charm nonetheless. The handsome actor’s reputation has not gone unnoticed by Hollywood, when he was included in a popular entertainment show’s list of sexiest actors around the world. Dingdong still has prowess to show, which can lead him to bigger plum roles.

Richard Gutierrez
Half of showbiz twins, heir to his father’s matinee idol legacy, brother to an actress and former beauty queen and son to a formidable mother-cum-manager. These descriptions prove that Richard Gutierrez has his whole family supporting his success carved from working on television’s biggest hits. Richard has demonstrated his mettle in various genres, be it action or romance, and he still has not seen all his dreams coming true yet. Recently, he has started to show interest in eco-friendly pursuits, making him a Superman of sorts, saving the world from mediocrity with his exemplary work.

Marian Rivera
Marian’s entry into lead-star status came via a retelling of a classic Mexican telenovela. From then on, the local Marimar star caught the hearts of thousands of fans with her patrician features and winsome smile. She can be very feisty too and does not believe that show business entails putting on a fake fa├žade. Marian Rivera has made it big through a combination of her extraordinary presence and the aplomb of a born superstar. We can see that there will be more fireworks in the years to come as Marian continues her reign.

Heart Evangelista
With a name that speaks well about her network allegiance, Heart Evangelista has resurfaced from an unfortunate episode of personal dramas and back into the limelight. No longer keen on carrying a cutie demeanor onscreen, she left behind a painful past to concentrate on her acting and reap the rewards. Heart knows the heart of the matter, and that is to stay true to her path as an actress who has more than just a pretty face to show.

Regine Velasquez
Recently witnessing her own fairytale ending, Regine Velasquez fully deserves the enormous adulation. Regine warmly receives the support given to her by both fans and peers in the industry. Through it all, she has remained humble and helpful to other artists who want to be like her. A pioneering force among singers, Regine is not yet ready to bestow her title to the next generation. We would not want her to, anyways. No other performer can hold a candle to her all-around vocal power and diva-like presence.

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