Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Your Online Shopping Concierge!


My name is Casimiro dela Cruz, Kuya Caz as my close friends call me. In the Tagalog language, "Kuya" is a term of respect given to an older wiser male sibling. "Caz" is my cool nickname as all Filipinos have one.

I am your concierge for the very first Philippine-themed and Philippine-based webstore, the most extensive source of Filipino items in the Net and Winner of The DigitalFilipino 2008 Award for the Auction / Shopping Portal Category ------

This e-store brings secure online shopping to the homes of millions of Filipinos in Cyberspace.
With their secure server, digitally certified by Geotrust, powered by servers co-located in a fortified data center, they process and clear your transactions in the most secure way possible. They have taken every opportunity to give you the safest means to do your online shopping, so that wherever you are, you can still buy goods and products that are proudly made in the Philippines!

As envisioned by the founders of this e-store, this site aims to serve the need of expatriate Filipinos who long to enjoy the goods and products from the beloved homeland that are not available in their local store or mall. A huge majority of loyal customers live in North America and Europe. As Filipino diaspora has spread to all corners of the globe, orders originate from as far as Timbuktu! The e-store showcases books, music and video that are made in the Philippines and about the Philippines. Shopping can also be a cultural adventure. You will also learn amusing facts and facets of Philippine culture as you browse through the store.

You will find the finest selection of Philippine books from the most respected names in the Philippine print industry.

You will find Original Pilipino Music online, from the sweet and serene to the wacky and tacky.

You will find the best Filipino movie titles as soon as they are released in Manila! is the one-stop website where you can find products that we call Proudly Made in the Philippines.

Check back periodically and check back often. You'll learn about the latest releases in Philippine Music CDs and videos. You'll be up to date on all the happenings back home like you never left!


Virginia Janet said...

Nice post..! Online shopping is an easiest and finest way to buy the products which are all very much necessary for your life.

Ferotex (Phils) said...

Many thanks for this privelege. Hope you can include our proudly Pinoy made industrial laundry machinery products here.
Ferotex Phils at


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